Posted on 19 August 2022
Author : Enerpize Team

6 Reasons that shows you why to use online accounting software

6 Reasons that shows you why to use online accounting software

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What if I told you that all your worries about tax calculations, employer’s salaries, or even what are the profits that your company made, all these accounting-related worries, are gonna be as easy as you surfing Facebook or Instagram?

Well, you certainly will laugh and say that it’s not that easy and usually you need a small army of accountants to sort that out for you. Then you’re in for a treat because I have the answers for all these worries in simple 3 words Online Accounting Software.

What’s online accounting software?

Ok, so accounting software is a type of application software that processes accounting information and transaction within certain modules for example payroll, tax, expenses, Profit and loss report (P&L) modules, and so on like on this website Accounting. The good thing is that it’s all done online so you don’t have to search hundreds of documents or write down data on papers.

How is it any different than the usual method of accounting?

Well, the main difference will be that it’s all done online so there is no paper trail also you don’t need to have a degree in accounting to use it. Moreover, if you’re a start-up business, freelancer, or even self-employed you can easily access and do your finance without worrying that you’ll get it wrong because the tool will have a high rate of accuracy.

1. Saving Time 

If you have multiple projects that you run at the same time or you travel a lot for your business it will be hard to keep track of everything the expenses, payroll, taxes, and all the financial issues that might face you if you’re a start-up business. But if all the data is restored in a cloud-based app that you can access at any time, the problem solved, no more wasting time trying to analyze everything. Take for example here at you can find here many features that help you organize every piece of data however it’s small and even suggests things that you may not put into consideration.

2. Human Error

Humans, no matter how smart they are, sometimes get things wrong that’s like our nature. And in the business world, an extra zero will have significant consequences and sometimes you’ll not even notice this mistake until it’s too late. So why go through all this hassle when you have many tools and features to calculate things for you. For example, take this tool “income with tax calculator” if you want to calculate how many taxes you should pay and how much income you got. You can easily use this tool to do it for you and we all know nobody likes to calculate taxes. Or if you’re a freelancer and want to calculate how much you should charge your customer, then it’s done with using this software, and even you can make a professional invoice for them by using this tool Invoice Generator.

3. Any business however big or small can use accounting software.

It can be hard to find a system that applies to all types of businesses. But let’s not forget that some functions and tools are basics in accounting that everybody uses whether you’re a big business, SMB, or even self-employed. So it’s quite easy to tick all these needs plus some more functions that you might need or explore. For example, you’ll find some modules made specifically for a type of business like an eye wear shop, auto repair shop, or law practicing business and every business that you can imagine. 

4. Anybody can use it not just accountants 

Like we explained at the beginning that accounting software is an easy to use system.

Say you’re new to the business world and you decide to start your own company but you don’t want to invest too much money in hiring an accountant. So what do you simply do?  you search for an online option that offers you all the options that you might use and an accountant can offer easy as that. Because at the end of the day you don’t want to risk making a mistake if you don’t know how to begin or to organize your finances. And even if you are an accountant this tool will make it much easier for you instead of all the trouble of jumping from one tool to another to get the data. This application collects all the tools that you can use and put them in one place to make it very easy for you to use.  

5. Can use it anywhere mobile phone, pc, and tablet.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, accounting is going to be as easy as surfing Facebook or Instagram and a reason for that is you can use accounting software from any device whether it’s a mobile phone, a PC, or even a tablet. but the question here why is this an important feature that you care about. Nowadays we live in a very fast-paced world and every second matters in the business world so you don’t want to miss a thing simply because you have to wait to be in front of your pc to get to the data and tools. In another case, let's say that you are the owner of a business and currently you’re traveling for a couple of months and you want to keep up with your accounting. Therefore it will be pretty convenient for you to have access to the data without tagging your pc or laptop along when you can use your phone to do the accounting for you

6. Multi-accounting and calculations functions 

What do accountants and business owners dream of? They dream of one tool that can gather all the calculations and functions under the sun in the accounting field. Well this option is the accounting software because it does all that and more for you and it was right under your nose but you didn’t know about it. Want to calculate Annuity depreciation, all you have to do is enter the data and viola you have the results in front of you. We’ve talked already about the tax calculator and how the process has become much easier. What if you want for example to calculate the sales that you’ve achieved you can use this tool “Calculate Net Sales” to do it for you. And we all know that inflation is a hard thing for both business owners and consumers but the harder thing is to calculate that rate but don’t worry, with this tool “Inflation Calculator” it will be easy as a piece of cake and you’ll be able to be up to date with the changes. And if you go to this page you’ll find many other tools and features that you can use.

So here it’s folk, the reasons why we are addicted to online accounting software and why you should be too. It is understandable that you sometimes feel lost and don’t know where to go or where to look and that’s the main reason that you invest in finding something to take that burden off of you and solve all your accounting issues in one setting and with a click. 

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