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Boost your subscriptions and memberships management

Membership plans and packs

Configure your membership plans and bundles duties to recharges. View customer's charging history and attendance of their visits and credit utilization.

Manage members attendance

Optimize your membership management by Enerpize Association management software and track members, visitors visits, suspensions and lapsing individuals. Check in visitors for an independent, internet booking or an occasional memberships plan.

Explore membership management options

Design your members packages

Build unlimited packages, assign multiple credit, define period cycle and price. Give your clients the choice to subscribe online anytime and anywhere.

Generate automatic invoices

Create orders with new packages for your clients and the system will generate automatic invoices once the order takes place successfully.

Explore packages and invoices options

Manage credit charges

Define credit types and amount, set start and expiry dates. Add credit charges and Balance to specific clients so they can utilize their credit charges.

Manage credit usages

Allocate credit usages manually, the system will deduct the usage amount from the valid credit charges one after the other; Consumed and remaining amounts will be updated on each credit charge.

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Manage members profiles

Manage associations subscription, create members' profiles, characterize them into classes, and track their schedules. Know precisely their activities and consumption and check them in rapidly in your membership database.

Prioritize your customers

Dispense individuals to your staff and assign a distinct category of members for each activity staff member to handle more proficiently.

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Increase your merchandise sales

Receipt your guests, track booking demands, utilize our cloud POS system into products and merchandise sales, oversee discounts offered and more.

Increase your revenue

Send online invoices to individuals and get paid in-store and online. Effectively screen and track income and sales through sales dashboards and reports.

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Memberships management
Package customization
Package suspension
Credit charge management
Voucher credit points
Client attendance tracking
Package monitoring
Sales & invoicing automation
CRM integration

Memberships management

Create your own membership packages, plans and bundles, assign to clients, customize, charge credit points and more.

Package customization

Build and tailor packages to suit your business. Assign plans, customize your own credit types without restriction, credit points, start and expiry dates.

Package suspension

Track payments and plan consumption. Suspend your packages subscriptions as needed.

Credit charge management

Define credit types and amount, set start and expiry dates. Add credit charges and Balance to specific clients.

Voucher credit points

Gift your customers free of charge credit points as vouchers by assigning credit charge as required.

Client attendance tracking

Keep record of clients’ attendance dates. Check in visitors for an independent or an occasional memberships plan. Client attendance via fingerprint is available through API linking.

Package monitoring

View customers’ attendance history, package utilization and credit points consumption, monitor needs and renew memberships as needed.

Sales & invoicing automation

Auto-invoice your customers with memberships announcements, payments suspension or package renewal. Get insight from integrated sales reports and increase your revenue.

CRM integration

Manage your community, create members’ profiles, view attendance history, payments and membership plans’ consumption. Categorize clients and assign to staff members for personalized communication.

Can I accept payments online?

Do I pay extra fees for other modules?

Can receptionists register client attendance using fingerprint?

Can I use different currencies?

Can I track my receptionists activities and invoices?

Can I generate a Profit & Loss report in enerpize?


Can I accept payments online?

Yes, enerpize offers various online payment gateway options, such as PayPal, eWay, Paymate, Authorize.net, and Stripe, for simple and secure online transactions. Your clients can also be given options to pay offline by cheque or direct bank deposit with an easy process to receive payments, confirm and set any invoice as paid.


Do I pay extra fees for other modules?

No, all pricing plans offered by enerpize include all modules: accounting, payroll, operations, sales, CRM, and inventory. All module updates or new modules are free to integrate.


Can receptionists register client attendance using fingerprint?

Yes. You can record attendance with variant methods including fingerprint. Connect and manage multiple fingerprint devices in different locations; supporting different devices models and APIs. Contact our technical team for further assistance.


Can I use different currencies?

Yes, you can use multiple currencies and taxes. Set default currencies for specific clients and invoices. Generate statements and reports related to each currency used.


Can I track my receptionists activities and invoices?

Yes, enerpize keeps record of receptionists/salespersons activities, actions, opportunities, calls and emails. This gives you an idea about your sales and team performance per individual.


Can I generate a Profit & Loss report in enerpize?

Yes, enerpize makes it easy to keep a close eye on the bottom line with Profit & Loss reports you can generate in seconds. Display your total revenue, expenses, and your net income. Choose your income from invoices and a date range to let our reports calculate your net profit. How much your business has spent versus. earned can be neatly displayed over your selected period of time.

Get organized, save time, grow bigger

Our custom solution architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into the memberships management of your business by seamlessly integrating with all enerpize modules:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Operations
  • HRM
  • Sales
  • CRM

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Free and Quick Support

Our customer support team is always ready to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot issues, improve your experience and increase satisfaction with our software.


Safe and Secure

Hosted on secure servers, using standard 256-bit SSL encryption and multiple security protection levels. With automatic backups your business data will always be safe.


Save Time and Effort

Enerpize’s responsive design and architecture ensure seamless, comprehensive, and real-time visibility from any device into your business performance.


Personalized Experience

Create your own invoice layout from a whole range of templates, upload your logo, select the site colors of your brand, and adjust your personalized settings.



Enerpize offers a wide choice of packages to best suit every business from a completely free plan, to low annual subscription fees for heavy use, and no setup fees!


Anytime and Anywhere

Enerpize’s system runs 24/7 on our secure servers and enables you and your clients to access your business data from anywhere, anytime and from any device.


Free Updates

Enerpize has an ongoing free upgrading plan to add new features to your business management system. Any future update will always be free.


Simple & Advanced

No need to read manuals. Enerpize’s intuitive, user-friendly interface still operates with an impressive array of advanced tools that you can activate, or deactivate at any time.


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