Speed up your retail sales

Conduct business much faster with our online solution. Utilize our cloud POS system into products sales, track installments and booking requests, invoice your customers and more.


A unified Cloud POS system

High speed retail without limits! Keep record of every transaction. Sell your products using any device and anywhere. Capture customer preferences and plan shopping activities accordingly.

Hone your store's sales

Install payments. Send online invoices and email receipts to clients and get paid online and quickly. Manage your store's sales, online bookings and everything in the middle.

Track your retail inventory and stock

Manage products, price lists, keep track of your merchandize, stock and inventory transactions, issue purchase orders to your suppliers, follow them and more.


Total control over inventory

Create a list of your merchandize suppliers with their contact details. Place new purchase orders instantly and send them to your suppliers.

Keep track of stock levels and Warehouse

Manage your warehouse inventory and check stock levels in real-time. Receive low inventory notifications and generate purchase orders to replenish your stock.

Empower your sales associates

Manage employees and roles. Delegate tasks and permissions. Assign customers and more. Track and monitor employees timesheets, expenses and activity logs.


Plan to align efforts

Dole out duties among your team members by assigning tasks to several staff members. Define specific targets and milestones for your teams.

Monitor employees' engagement

Track invoices and payments collected by each staff member. Follow up their activities with customers and monitor your salespersons performance.

Manage your store's accounting

Track your accounting and manage your cash flow, merchandize and supplies' purchases, service invoices, and profit and loss. Receive online/offline payments and more.


Tame your taxes

Define all tax options you need for the services you render with our multiple automatic tax settings: GST, VAT, EXP, etc.

Organize your outgoings

Stay vigilant by maintaining your merchandize and supplies purchase orders, staff salaries and wages, and billable expenses.

Deepen your clienteling

Personalize your customers' shopping experience. Create clients' profiles, plan follow-up calls, emails or product delivery easily, set service schedules, send SMS reminders and more.


Show genuine care

Create customer profiles, categorize them for easy communication and follow-up. Know exactly what products they need and optimize their shopping experience.

Engage your customers

Track and collect shoppers' data and purchases' history. Know your clients, understand their preferences, follow up with shoppers and personalize their shopping experience.

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