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Enhance team efficiency and streamline employee management

Robust Staff and Workforce Management

Organize your workforce effectively. Assign tasks, monitor progress, and ensure optimal productivity across all departments.

Manage a Centralized Employee Database

Effortlessly manage employee data in one place, including personal information, job history, performance metrics, and more. Simplify management, ensure accuracy, and quickly access critical records.

Efficient Leave and Absence Management

Automate attendance tracking and get real-time updates on employee attendance through periodic attendance sheets, configure shifts, and manage absences efficiently.

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Multiple Attendance Registrations and Restrictions

Offer your employees multiple attendance registration methods with customizable restrictions, ensuring accurate tracking and adherence to your company’s attendance policies.

Customizable Employee Permissions

Easily control employee authorization with customizable access levels and permissions. Ensure data security and streamline workflows by defining specific roles and responsibilities for each employee.

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Streamlined Organizational Structure Management

Define and manage your organizational structure effortlessly. Create departments, set roles, and establish clear hierarchies to ensure efficient operations and clear communication across your business.

Better Employee Experience

Allow your staff to submit their requests through the portal, including leave applications, promotions, transfers to another branch, and more. You may add different types of requests, track all incoming employee requests, and accept or reject them.

Streamlined Contracts Administration

Effortlessly manage employee contracts with custom fields, tailored salary structures, and essential actions. Automate notifications, attach documents and utilize advanced search and filtering with our employee management software.

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Payroll Made Simple

Handle payroll promptly with an integrated payroll system. Create salary components, manage pay runs, and generate accurate payslips quickly.

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Generate detailed reports on employee performance, residency status, attendance, salaries, etc. The employee management system provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and optimize HR operations.

Personalized Dashboard
Easy Leave Requests
Instant Notifications
Self-Service Attendance Tracking
Permissions Management
Dynamic Shift Management
Customizable Organizational Structure
Manage Contracts Easily
Customizable Related Forms

Personalized Dashboard

Provide each employee with a personalized dashboard where they can view their attendance records, leave balances, and upcoming schedules.

Easy Leave Requests

Enable employees to easily submit leave requests through the software, with options to specify the type of leave and desired dates.

Instant Notifications

Send instant notifications to employees regarding the approval or rejection of their leave requests, as well as reminders for upcoming shifts or leave periods.

Self-Service Attendance Tracking

Enable employees to access their attendance records independently, reviewing logged days and tracking attendance history without HR assistance.


Track employee working hours accurately for payroll and performance evaluation.

Permissions Management

Define and manage access levels and permissions for different employees.

Dynamic Shift Management

Create and manage shifts dynamically to accommodate varying schedules.

Customizable Organizational Structure

Design and manage departments, roles, and employment levels effortlessly, integrating seamlessly into contracts and payroll for efficient workforce management and monitoring.

Manage Contracts Easily

Customize contracts with designated roles and levels, automated notifications, tailored salary structures, attachments, and streamlined actions through advanced search and filtering options.

Is there a surcharge for other modules?

Why do I trust a cloud-based software?

Can I import my data to the system?

Can documents be scanned or attached to an employee record?

Can I use the employees management module from my tablet?

Can I add my own logo to the system?


Is there a surcharge for other modules?

No, all enerpize plans include all modules, namely; accounting, payroll, operations, sales, CRM and inventory. All updates and new modules are free to integrate.


Why do I trust a cloud-based software?

Software hosted on the cloud offers mobility and is generally accessible on any browser or device at anytime (including tablets and smartphones).


Can I import my data to the system?

Yes, you can import data into enerpize from a .csv file. Other data types used for your invoices, quotes, sales orders, suppliers, items, can also be imported and integrated into the system.


Can documents be scanned or attached to an employee record?

Yes, you can attach all common file types, including Word, Excel, JPG, PDF, etc.


Can I use the employees management module from my tablet?

Yes, enerpize is a cloud-based software designed to work across all devices. It is accessible from your tablet or phablet just as easily as from your PC or laptop. You can use it on your Mac devices and Linux system using any browser.


Can I add my own logo to the system?

Yes, once you are logged onto the system, you can change the logo in the top left-hand corner to be your own. You also have the option to select a colour theme, depending on which you prefer.

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Our custom solution architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into the human resources performance of your business by seamlessly integrating with all enerpize modules:

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  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Operations
  • Inventory

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Why enerpize is your perfect business solution?

Free and Quick Support

Our customer support team is always ready to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot issues, improve your experience and increase satisfaction with our software.


Safe and Secure

Hosted on secure servers, using standard 256-bit SSL encryption and multiple security protection levels. With automatic backups your business data will always be safe.


Save Time and Effort

Enerpize’s responsive design and architecture ensure seamless, comprehensive, and real-time visibility from any device into your business performance.


Personalized Experience

Create your own invoice layout from a whole range of templates, upload your logo, select the site colors of your brand, and adjust your personalized settings.



Enerpize offers a wide choice of packages to best suit every business from a completely free plan, to low annual subscription fees for heavy use, and no setup fees!


Anytime and Anywhere

Enerpize’s system runs 24/7 on our secure servers and enables you and your clients to access your business data from anywhere, anytime and from any device.


Free Updates

Enerpize has an ongoing free upgrading plan to add new features to your business management system. Any future update will always be free.


Simple & Advanced

No need to read manuals. Enerpize’s intuitive, user-friendly interface still operates with an impressive array of advanced tools that you can activate, or deactivate at any time.


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