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Create and send online quotations and invoices, track sales, monitor staff performance, and sell & sync all your products via our POS and more.


Manage your cash flow, purchases, taxes, profit & loss, balance sheet, sales, chart of accounts, income statement, assets and more.


Create and manage work orders, assign clients and employees, add expenses, incomes, and invoices, schedule appointments and more.


Set up your organizational structure, add employees, create contracts, manage employees’ shifts, attendance, payroll and more.


Add unlimited products, control different warehouses, issue purchase orders to your suppliers, follow them with ease and more.


Create clients profiles, add notes, attach files, schedule appointments, reservations, follow up calls/emails or delivery easily and more.

Learn how to manage Your business

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How to choose the perfect chatbot builder – Top 7 chatbot builders

  Nowadays, on almost every website you visit, you’ll find a pop-up thing that appears to you asking if you need help with something. This thing is called a Chatbot, and many websites use it to help improve their clients’ experience when they visit the website.  For example, they help you from the smallest things..

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A person sitting on a chair holding an iPad to check invoice software report.
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What is an invoice? The Complete Guide to Invoicing – Free Invoice Templates Included

Issuing an invoice is an integral part of business communications; whether you want to charge a customer for purchased products or bill clients for rendered services, an invoice is not only a document that officiates payment, but more importantly, a business document that provides legal protection. In this guide, we aim to take a deeper..

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woman using a laptop celebrating landing her business idea
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10 Best Low-Investment, High-Profit Business Ideas

Starting your own startup or small to medium business means you’re willing to take the initiative, be your own boss and you got right about the amount of leadership qualities you need to steer your pursuit from idea to establishment. Contrary to popular belief, starting a lucrative business nowadays doesn’t necessarily require a big capital,..

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How to Optimize Your Business Thanks to Accounting Software

Accounting is one of the most crucial parts of any business. Aside from being a complicated subject, it is also time-consuming for accountants and bookkeepers. Hence, every business would immensely benefit in an accounting software to help accounting professionals manage their business finances more effectively. Moreover, accounting software speeds up financial processes by eliminating manual..

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How Entrepreneurs Do It: 5 Personality Traits That Set Them for Definite Success

Ever wondered what it takes for an entrepreneur to be successful? Despite starting their own business, facing financial burdens, fierce competition, let alone having to show up as their own boss and sole motivator, somehow some entrepreneurs make it till they stand up on their feet and build their business a solid ground to stand..

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Person holding a black tablet showing a video editing software.
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10 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs for your Business: Desktop, Mobile and Both

  Creating video content is an indispensable part of the success of any business strategy. And using video editing software is no different. Whether you are creating informative, educational, promotional or entertaining video content, audiences respond highly to video content. So whether you are a youtuber, own a business or an entrepreneur, your videos can..

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Person holding microphone on microphone stand recording a podcast
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How to Start a Successful Podcast

Whether you’re creating content for your brand, want to build a community, promote your services or drive traffic back to your website, your business in whatever size can greatly benefit from launching a podcast. You are probably here because you are passionate about a topic or field that you want to talk about and share..

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